Hunting is a form of recreation and is one of the riskiest sport. When hunting is carried out in the form of competitions for awards, then it is called as trophy hunting. The trophy is then displayed to represent the success of the hunt. The carcass of the animal is often taken for food. The antlers or horns of the animals are showcased with great pride. Kings and princely rulers had game rooms or gun rooms which displayed their excellent selection of guns and antlers of the kill. Preserving the head of the carcass was also a usual practice. Until the 1970’s, hunting was carried out with great pomp and show. After the threat of hunting to the tiger community, hunting started to be banned in many Countries.

The Types of Trophy Hunting.

1. Ranch hunting: Here, the animals are exclusively killed for the trophy. The list of animals included under trophy hunting comprises blackbuck, nilgai, Indian red sheep, axis deer, Antelope, etc. Each Country has a game fee charged for each kill. Hunters pay $4,000 for each kill. As animal endangerment is a severe threat in many Countries, they contribute at least 10 percent of the game income to the State for the protection of indigenous species. Though hunting of individual species is made illegal in the United States under the endangered species act, it is legal to hunt animals that come under the list included under trophy hunting.

2. African Trophy hunting: Trophy hunting is still practised in the many African States. Shooting is one of the recreations in Africa that attracts tourism. In 2008, Africa received more than 190 million USD from hunting.

3. North American trophy hunting: In North America, mountain lion, also known as Puma is hunted for the trophy. The Florida Panthers and Eastern Cougar were killed until they were declared extinct. Canned hunting in North America allows hunting selective animals for the sole purpose of displaying and preserving its head. The United States is one of the first Countries to ban hunting. They banned the hunting of selected species.

Ban on Trophy Hunting.

• Botswana was one of the first Countries that imposed a ban on trophy hunting. On the sad side, the villagers claim that the uncontrolled spread of animals leads to the destruction of their crops. It was found that trophy hunting in Africa leads to effective management of wildlife.

• In the same year, United Airlines banned the transport of trophy on flights.

• In Kenya, the banning of trophy hunting backfired. In 1977, after shooting of lion was outlawed, the Government cared very less for the welfare of the animals. Other animal population started to decline tremendously as the lion population grew in large numbers. On the other hand banning of lion hunting increases tolerance among other species.