Hunting is one of the most thrilling sport. If you are a beginner in hunting and don’t know where to start from, here are some interesting tips to keep in mind before you set out for hunting. Don’t forget to carry your rifles, gloves, warm jackets and boots. Deer can be one of the most comfortable animals to start your hunting with. Deer’s even though swift, can be caught easily with practice.

Cover your Scent

One of the most important tip to keep in mind is to cover your scent. Do not use strong scented soaps or shampoos before you set out for hunting. Animals are very sensitive and can even catch the smell of the trail you leave behind. Strong smell can travel through the air. It will warn the animals to be precautious. Do not use scented creams before you decide to go hunting. Use very mild soaps and shampoos. Do not apply deodorant on your trip.

Use Decoys

Decoys are used to attract animals. Animals, especially a deer is very quickly drawn to a lure. They are fooled right into the trap. Pull the trigger when they approach close enough to check out the decoy. Try to imitate the sounds and calls of the animals you are hunting as this helps to draw their attention towards you very quickly. Using attractants such as animal urine, animal dung, etc. are also one easy way to capture your prey.

Make less noise or no Noise

It is always advisable to wear a proper hunting boot on your trip. Covering your shoes with a cloth and help eliminate sounds. Animals have a very sensitive earing capacity and can detect the slightest noise from a long distance. Stay as quiet as possible. If the animals run away from their usual spot, it will usually take a very long time for them to return to the same spot. This is why it is important to be careful.

Hunting with a recurve or compound bow is another great way to minimize the noise you make on your next hunt. Either type of bow will have less range than a rifle and so you will need to get closer to your target! For more info on bow hunting, check out this article from

Best Time to Hunt

The best time to hunt would be before sunrise or immediately after sunset. Capturing a sleeping animal is effortless. Before dawn, animals can be spotted near their bedding areas. Try to locate the habitat of the animal well in advance. They can be easily spotted here after dusk when they would retire to sleep. This is the best time to pull your trigger. Animals can be easily located during their birthing period.

Where do you Hunt?

Practice makes you a good hunter. Once you hunt several different times, you would be familiar with the location and habitat of an animal. Follow animal trials or even their dropping to locate them. If the droppings are fresh, then it would indicate that the animal is close to you. Once you discover their stay, it is easier to hunt them down.